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Auburn FilterSense 2021 Product Overview

Auburn FilterSense solutions help prevent excess emissions and process problems by providing reliable low-level particulate monitoring, early warning leak detection, better control, and real-time diagnostics of filtration systems. Auburn FilterSense uniquely focuses product technology on proactive and preventive solutions....

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piab’s new smart conveyor moves more material while saving costs.

Firing Industries Ltd. is Canada’s source for processing solutions by piab, including the new piFLOW®p SMART Conveying Cycle Optimizer (CCO). This semi-automated premium vacuum conveyor moves more material at once, with ample saving on energy costs. The piFLOW®p SMART CCO focuses on the requirements of continuous...

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Hosokawa Micron solutions improve the quality of dishwasher detergent

Hosokawa Micron makes equipment that makes dishwasher powder more effective. Firing Industries Ltd. supplies Hosokawa Micron powder-handling equipment; these products are common choices in the food-processing and pharmaceutical sectors. The manufacturer also offers solutions for the production of dishwasher detergent powder, which poses a challenge for...

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