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Vacuum conveyor by piab helps milk company with granule task

piab processing equipment is available in Canada through Firing Industries Ltd., including the innovative piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor. This device came in handy for Polmlek Raciaz, a Polish manufacturer of milk-based products, which was dealing with issues regarding granules breaking when transferring instant milk in its operations....

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Smart vacuum conveyor by piab maintains pressure in Hipering process

piab processing equipment is available through Firing Industries Ltd., including the unique piFLOW®p smart vacuum conveyor. For the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, a unique process has been developed by Tradichem in Spain to miniaturize ingredients at the beginning of the process chain, and the piFLOW®p keeps...

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Matcon’s new Knowledge Hub offers a wealth of product information

Firing Industries Ltd. is Canada’s source of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and more by Matcon. Now, Matcon introduces its new Knowledge Hub – a special, dedicated online service that offers a central resource hub, allowing customers to explore many of Matcon’s powder and bulk material-handling key...

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