How equipment by Hosokawa Micron converts legumes, pulses into protein

Hosokawa Micron processing equipment is available from Firing Industries Ltd. One application for which these devices are recommended is plant-based food, particularly pulses and legumes, which get converted into ingredients appropriate for commercial food processors. This involves extracting as much protein from plants as possible, as per the customer’s manufacturing needs.

For equipment that grinds legumes and pulses and separates protein in two separate processes, with smooth, efficient transitions between stages, Hosokawa Micron is the name to trust.

Accuracy, efficiency, and longevity

Grinding is the initial step, and different Hosokawa Micron grinders suit different applications; smoothies and other beverages require fine grinds for smoother end products, while coarser grinds are better for plant-based hamburgers. The grinding stage liberates starch and protein to make them separable, and the resulting powder stream moves into the classification stage to separate the protein and starch.

As pioneers in air classification, Hosokawa Micron offers air classifiers that use a process called “forced vortex” due to the constant airflow. Low-capacity separators use only one while for powder flow, but large quantities of material require separators with multiple classifier wheels, also available from Firing Industries. Multiple-head classifier wheels use a series of smaller wheels to handle large volumes accurately.

While competitors’ classification systems use a wet process that can boost protein concentration in the extract, the disadvantage is that the resulting product must be dried, which makes additional equipment and energy necessary. Dry fractionation uses up far fewer resources and preserves the native properties of protein. In addition, the Hosokawa Micron team can assist clients with the inputs, the required speed and quantity, and other factors, even allowing customers to test material in systems and set variables in advance.

Hosokawa Micron equipment is built to accommodate different applications, so that users can grind one material and then another. This is convenient for different variations of a material that require different equipment settings. Another key advantage of these products is their longevity: customers have reported using Hosokawa Micron equipment made more than 60 years ago.

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